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We are a full-service professional organizing and event planning company serving Northern Illinois and Chicago suburbs. Everyone desires to have a level of organization in their lives, while not all have the tools or knowledge of where to begin. We offer a wide range of services to simplify your life and create balance. Everything from decluttering and organizing your home to repurposing items you already own to staging and creating an entirely new look in your space.

If you need help on the day of your wedding, planning a special birthday party, or decorating for the holidays, we will ensure seamless execution of your event from start to finish. We're so grateful to have the opportunity to create a space that is a true reflection of you.

Ready to reclaim your space, home or event then message us today to schedule your appointment!

Life is easier when you know what you have and where it goes!


past tense: arrange; past participle: arranged

1. put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order. "she had just finished arranging the flowers"

2. organize or make plans for (a future event). "they hoped to arrange a meeting"




Since I can remember, I have had a love for organizing and design.  That interest inspired me to pursue a career helping others with their homes and events.  I have been helping friends and clients organize and declutter their homes over the past several years.  I realized that the combination of my passion to decorate and my skill to organize allows me to make a real change in people's lives.  When I'm not organizing, I love scrapbooking, decorating for the holidays, and spending time with my family.



"Kathy has been instrumental in not only decluttering and repurposing many items I didn't even know I had, but in staging our home and decorating it for the holidays. She has helped me with purging items for donating or trash, or for even consigning and making some money along the way. I would highly recommend Kathy for her innate ability to make magic happen in your home!!!!!"

- Cindy

"Thank you Kathy Easton for working your magic on our house and helping us declutter and reorganize our home. It is so refreshing to come home and have a little bit of order in our lives. Thank God for giving you the gene and skills that I do not have when it comes to this! You have a keen eye for repurposing so much. I cannot wait to have you back to work on the kids' bedrooms in a few weeks. Thanks again miracle-worker! You are the Mary Poppins of organization, arriving with your caddy, post-its, and label maker instead of an umbrella!"

- Jim

CONTACT: | (815) 985-5058

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